5 apps all French learners need on their phones

When you’re learning French, a 1hr French lesson per week will only get you so far. To really make progress, it helps to immerse yourself in the French language as much as possible in your daily life. We think you’ll find these 5 French learning apps really useful – and they’re all completely free! We’veContinue reading “5 apps all French learners need on their phones”

Where to find short (and interesting) video clips in French

You may not always have the time to indulge in a full Netflix series. So what should you do if you want a daily dose of short (interesting) French content when you’re pressed for time? We’ve pulled together our suggestions of sites and YouTube channels which have a constant source of contemporary, relevant and interestingContinue reading “Where to find short (and interesting) video clips in French”

Why do the French talk about fish on April Fools’ Day?

As in the UK, the 1st April in France is a day traditionally associated with playing pranks on people. One of the pranks French school children sometimes play is to sneakily attach a paper fish to an unsuspecting victim’s back and run away shouting ‘poisson d’avril!’ (‘April fish!’) when the victim realises they’ve been pranked.Continue reading “Why do the French talk about fish on April Fools’ Day?”

5 books to transport you to France (until we can travel again)

Until such time as we can board a plane to our beloved France, here’s a list of books we compiled to help transport you across the Channel… The Elegance of the Hedgehog by Muriel Barbery This book is featured on every ‘best books set in Paris’ list for a reason. Since it was first released inContinue reading “5 books to transport you to France (until we can travel again)”

5 Famous Brits who can speak French

Emma Mackey (OK this one is a bit of a cheat because Emma was technically born in France and she is French and British. Her Father is French and her mother is English). Still really cool to hear her speak French though! 2. Bradley Wiggins 3. Emma Thompson 4. Eddie Izzard – If you haven’tContinue reading “5 Famous Brits who can speak French”

10 ways to learn French when you’re stuck at home

Oh là là! For the first time in a long time, there’s hope in the air. Spring is springing and over the next few months the lockdown in England will be gradually eased thanks to the roll out of the Coronavirus vaccine. However, whilst we can finally see the light at the end of theContinue reading “10 ways to learn French when you’re stuck at home”

How do I move to France after Brexit?

If you’re a Brit planning to spend a couple of months of the year in France then the good news is Brexit will not stand in your way. But what if you plan to move to France permanently, can you still make this dream a reality? The answer is yes, you can. UK citizens canContinue reading “How do I move to France after Brexit?”

Why is French the ‘language of love’?

It’s no secret that we Brits find the French accent pretty sexy (merci Fred from First Dates). In fact, French has a world-wide reputation as the ‘language of love’. But where does this idea come from? And what makes it so romantic? For starters, let’s clear something up. French is one of the ‘romance’ languagesContinue reading “Why is French the ‘language of love’?”

What is La Chandeleur? (French pancake day)

Hands up if you love a French crêpe! When you’re learning French, it’s not enough to just learn some vocab and gobble down the grammar books. Until you explore the culture and traditions of this beautiful country you’ll only get half a story. So it’s important to spend some time getting au fait with someContinue reading “What is La Chandeleur? (French pancake day)”