Yacine is a fantastic teacher!

He tailors the lessons to my interests and needs.



This is the first time I’ve really enjoyed learning French

It’s been brilliant having lessons with Judith, having had a number of lessons with places around Manchester and never having clicked with them, Judith has been great at adapting lessons to suit what my French needs are.

She has been super flexible when lesson dates have needed to swap around and is currently being brilliant during this weird time!



I love my lessons and conversation classes with Nichola.

They have given me something to look forward to every week during lockdown and I’ve learnt so much!



I can’t speak too highly of Claire as a tutor.

Her lessons have been designed with my personal requirements in mind and she manages to explain the knottier points of French grammar with the utmost clarity. The fact that she’s also pleasant and friendly makes our lessons not only useful but positively enjoyable.



An excellent teacher

Helpful and encouraging whilst offering interesting vocabulary and structures.



A definite ten out of ten.

Judith is perfect! She works hard to provide a structured lesson, and the content is relevant to me and really interesting. She mixes an extremely professional approach with a relaxed and informal delivery which makes me feel very comfortable and relaxed.. She makes the lesson fun and I really feel she is helping me to improve. I can’t speak highly enough of Judith.



Marie is such an amazing tutor.

She’s extremely patient and very informative and is inspiring me to give the right amount of focus to learning French. I would definitely recommend her to anybody looking to learn and im so excited for my next lesson with her.



Nichola is a woman on a mission

In my view there’s no one else doing quite what she does or in the way that she does it. If you want to overcome all that rubbish about not being able to learn a language beyond adolescence, she’s her femme! Chapeau, Nichola!



I used to be very nervous and overthink my learning

…which sapped the fun out of it. French Toast gave me a lot of confidence to just show up, try my best, make mistakes and have a lot of fun.