10 ways to learn French when you’re stuck at home

Oh là là! For the first time in a long time, there’s hope in the air. Spring is springing and over the next few months the lockdown in England will be gradually eased thanks to the roll out of the Coronavirus vaccine.

However, whilst we can finally see the light at the end of the tunnel the vast majority of us remain under a strict ‘stay at home’ order for at least some weeks yet…

So why not use this time to give your French learning an extra boost?

To help you out, here are 10 tried and tested ways you can learn French without leaving the house

  1. Have a post-it party!

Look up the French words for items around the house and label them with post its. The more you look at them the more chance you have of remembering them over the long term. It’s not like you can have guests around right now, so it doesn’t matter if it looks a bit messy

2. Download a French radio app

Try downloading an app like Simple radio so that you can listen to French radio whilst you’re pottering around the house. 40% of all music on French radio must be of French origin so the chances of hearing authentic French music are pretty high. Fip is really cool if you like jazz. France Inter and France Culture are also great.

3. Watch French breakfast telly.

Our favourite is Télématin (TF1) which you can watch on catch up here. They have uplifting stories and great presenters and it can be a great way to start your day.

4. Watch a French TV series on Netflix.

Believe it or not, Netflix is a fantastic resource for language learning. The subtitle/dubbing options can help you out whatever your current level. Our personal favourites are 10 pour cent (Call my agent) and Lupin. Check out our Instagram posts each week for recommendations of French films and series from French Toast students.

5. Cook up an à la carte delight!

Look up French meal ideas and follow the recipes in French. Try Marmiton, or La recette for starters (no pun intended).

6. Follow the news in France.

You can follow the accounts of Liberation (@liberationfr) and Le Monde (@lemondefr) on Instagram or Twitter. Also check out their web pages.

7. Make your own ‘French word of the day’ calendar.

Print off a blank calendar template and fill each day with a new French word. For inspo, follow @frenchtoast_lessons for daily French vocab list.

8. Change your phone settings to French.

This is a great way to learn vocab about emails/the internet/social media. But just make sure you remember how to switch it back.

9. Speak French on Zoom as part of a supportive community.

You can join a French conversation class like ours or if you’re on a budget look up a language exchange (many of which are free). There are also plenty of Facebook groups where you can find people willing to exchange languages online for free (just search for French learners or French language learning)

10. Don’t go it alone.

If you’ve been using a self-guided approach to learning French you may find that at some points your motivation starts to wane. If you would benefit from some additional 1:1 support, book a free consultation with us today to find out how our native-speaker French tutors might be able to help you stay on track and make infinite progress with French.

Bon courage!

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